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[TCML] Questions about saturable reactor / magnetic amplifier

after several months searching for a suitable transformer for modification into a saturable reactor, I now have found a big 3-phase welding transformer, which was in use on 3-phase 400V here in Germany. For my big teslacoil, which runs on 2-phase 400V, I want to modificate this transformer into a magnetic amplifier. The goal is, to control the current through the outer legs of the transformer @ 400V from 0-60 Amperes whith a DC current of 20A on the middle leg of the transformer. Today I removed the heavy welding windings, and put the two outer legs of the transformer in series and connected them on 400V. On the middle core leg of the transformer, I wound a winding of several turns and applied 20 Amperes DC to it. I measured the 400V - current trough the outer windings, and it arrised from 0,5A to 10A, when I regulated the DC from 0 - 20A.

There was something strange to me: The current in the 400V windings firstly raised very fast when I raised the DC and then only very smoothly.

I then doubled the windings on the DC winding. I got the 10A in the 400V windings at only 10A (instead of 20A before) but it only increased to 12A when I pulled the DC to 20A. In the same way: firstly very rapid current rising, than only 2A from 10A to 20A DC. Why this? How many thousend turns do I need for reaching 60Amps in the outer 400V windings? Is it even possible?

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