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Re: [TCML] SISG coil

Thanks James,

Yeah, built one myself

My output was ok but not quite wonderful. I suspect due to running a low 60nF which is why I was curious about your cap size. A couple weeks ago I pulled the SISG out of the base as I plan to refit this coil for a DRSSTC (due to the turns and frequency, it's usable in a DR, although maybe not ideal).

Take care,

James wrote:
Hi Bart, prolly 100nF in that vid. I normally run that coil on three MOT's,
sec's in series, pri's in parallel. A large choke is used to control the
current. Normally (using MOT PS) the SISG coil uses 144nF. Firing at 12KV.
The firing voltage is determined by the SIDAC string. Each module conducts
around 900 to 1000 volts. I am using 12 when running on the MOT's, 16
modules when using the pole xmfr. Thing about the SISG coil is how spooky it
is. When the coil is energized, but the variac is set lower than the firing
voltage, there is no noise. Back in the old days with the spark gap coils
you could hear the coil was energized (it would hiss) even if it wasn't
firing the spark gap.  Since the SISG runs on DC, extreme caution is
required. James

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