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Re: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

I've been using polycarbonate for all sorts of Tesla projects.  But I live pretty close to those TAP Plastics stores, and I buy chunks out of their scrap bin.  You can get a 1'x1' square of 1/2" clear polycarbonate for $2.    Of course then you have to slice and drill it yourself.  But it's no worse than HDPE.   I use one of those plastics drill bits they sell, which works pretty good on everything plastic as long as you use low speed, of course.


On Aug 22, 2010, at 2:23 PM, Brandon Hendershot wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I was intending to make my primary coil supports out of some scrap corian counter-topping pieces, but it seems it would be cheaper to use different material than to continue using this and buy glue and blades to keep working with it.
> Anyway, I'd like to know what all you guys/gals are using, and/or have used to make your coil supports. Is plexiglass easy to work with? I know wood shouldn't be used... Again, what do you suggest from experience? ...HDPE??...
> Thanks,
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