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Re: EXTERNAL: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

Hi All,

Here's probably the ultimate primary support in UHMW PE all fasteners are nylon 1/4 20 screws, and PVC for the supports. The primary was built of 3/4" UHMW and everything was machined with a router to sink the coil into the sheet. There are 8 tap slots accessible from below. The top is 1/8 " smoked plexi, and the strike rails are conductive UHMW. Each rail has about 4 Ohms resistance from end to end, and 2 Ohms from end to the ground attachment. The conductive UHMW is virgin grade from Midland Plastics.

The coil full view.

Primary deck.

David E Weiss

Hi Brandon,

The cheapest route is probably HDPE from McMaster-Carr. Not the best machinable material, but works great with a drillpress. Polycarbonate is also good, but more expensive. Actually any plastic is fine really.

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