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[TCML] Rebirth of one coil and maybe birth of another

Hi All,
I've been lurking for a while. I've had my SRSG coil built for a while now
and managed to kill my very odd 22kv 25ma NST that powered it. Rather than
redesigning my MMC and likely my primary coil to match a more conventional
NST, I was thinking about using an MOT power setup. Likely 2 or 3 MOTs with
secondaries in series and a half or full wave voltage doubler. My first
question is if anyone has any relevant advice on replacing an NST power
supply with MOTs. I admit that I haven't spent any time in JavaTC playing
with the numbers. If that's what I need to do first, I'm good with that.
Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has been down this path
and had any sage advice.
Current coil specs as I remember them (I built this coil last year and
killed the NST on New Year's eve, so it's been a while):
Dead NST: 22KV @ 25mA
4" form secondary wound w/ 28AWG to 25"
MMC = series string of 30 CD942 caps, jumpered @19 (I did it this way so I
could support a static gap or SRSG operation)
Primary = 25' of .25" copper tubing with .25" spacing.
My current assumption is that with more power (likely lower voltage but much
higher current) power supply, that this should leave me with extra caps
after rearranging (ugh) my MMC configuration and re-tapping my primary.
This brings me to my second question: With extra caps left over, I am
considering starting in on a VTTC.
My current 'plan' includes an MOT power supply and a GU81M tube that I
already have.
Question: anyone have any schematics or advice for a VTTC using this tube? I
saw some old discussions and even a couple of photos in the archive, but not
much in the way of discussion of components or schematics.
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