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Water Meters....Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

>> I don't know how well the smart meters would hold up the the induced
    Or conducted.... 8)>>

>> voltage.
> Interesting question.  If anyone has a smart/telemetered water meter,
> if they could publish the make/model here, I'll go see what I can
> find about EMI/EMC requirements.

  [FX as dwp staggers into basement with pen, paper, flashlight...]

   Mine is inside, just before the cutoff at the basement wall.
   All copper plumbing.

   From the face of the meter:
     Auto G65N
     5/8 t-10        {pipe size?/fittings?]
     1104      3844  (1104 would be about right for a build date?)

   Casual google turns up:


   and another hit on ITRON (which makes utility meters...)
   (and lots more...)

   Back at Neptunetg:

   Shows a T-10 that looks mostly like 'mine'.  Mine, i think,
   is mostly for RF Read, rather than smart-smart.

   (My coil be small enuf to Not Really Stress it....)
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