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Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

Ronald Fleshman wrote:

Not all water meters are buried. Mine and most in my area are in the
basement. The water meter has to be bypassed with a wire of the same
gauge as the service ground wire.

Yes... but that's not to make the pipes a better grounding electrode, it's to prevent current from flowing through the meter and damaging it from galvanic action.

The plumbing is also connected to
the ground rod. I have two 8 foot ground rods 8 feet apart,
connections have to be brazed if they are buried  (local requirement
I think).

Actually, not brazed, but more likely "exothermically welded" a process using a thermite mixture of copper oxide and aluminum powder. Basically welds copper to copper with copper. (Brazing is using a different filler metal). A commercial product is "CadWeld"... you get a little ceramic mold that fits around the rod and wire(s), fill with the powder, light it and stand back.

 My plumbing is all copper including the line in from the

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