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RE: [TCML] Oregon Coilers?

Hey all,
I am a Singaporean studying at the University of Oregon though I am currently back in Singapore for a break and will be returning to Eugene Oregon sometime next year. Earlier this year I acquired 2 large NSTs, built a decent 8" diameter secondary and acquired MMC capacitors. All this is sitting in my lab above the university's science library. I hope to be able to complete the assembly of the coil when I return to Oregon and would be very happy to join a group of fellow Oregonian coilers.
Best regards,Jeremy

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> Subject: Re: [TCML] Oregon Coilers?
> Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 18:35:50 -0800
> Hello Rick and Shannon:
> I read with interest your posts regarding forming an informal group of 
> interested coilers in Oregon. I live in Ashland and I too would like get 
> something started in our area as well.
> Years ago, I was also a member of TCBA and still have many of their 
> newsletters. Many moons ago, I built an 811A VTTC and also a 24-inch SGTC. I 
> never developed either one of them to their full potential. The plate 
> glass/printing plate capacitor shattered with a loud bang while I was 
> tweaking the SGTC and I never got around to replacing it. I am a ham radio 
> pack rat and over the years I have acquired many NSTs and MOTs and even some 
> very healthy plate transformers with the intention of building TCs again. I 
> would like to get started by building a tabletop TC and then move back up to 
> a larger one. I feel a group of fellow TC'ers in Oregon would be of great 
> help to get me spurred into TC building again. I do occasionally get up 
> Portland for I belong to the Northwest Vintage Radio Society which meets in 
> Portland once a month and I usually attend their meetings 6-8 times a year 
> so I could combine those trips with some TC activity especially if it is 
> along the I-5 corridor.
> Please count me in if you find there is enough interest to get a group 
> started here in Oregon.
> Best regards, Bob Deuel de K2GLO
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