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Re: [TCML] Capacitors for MMC

I don't think those capacitor will work for Tesla coils. If you look at the curves of applied voltage vs frequency on the web site, these capacitors roll off at much lower frequencies than we work with. In other words we couldn't apply a high voltage to them at primary/secondary frequencies.

See http://www.kemet.com/kemet/web/homepage/kechome.nsf/file/PHE450%20Series/$file/F3294_PHE450.pdf

Shaun Epp

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Thank you Bert. That is exactly the information I was looking for.

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Hi Bob,

Per the following site, the PHE431 series is an obsolete polypropylene
film cap that has been superseded by the Evox Rifa PHE450 series. They are
indeed constructed with a polypropylene dielectric with double metalized
polyester film as electrodes (i.e., the polyester is used as a mechanical
structure but NOT actively used as a dielectric in the capacitor). The
series is rated for high frequency applications with high current stress.
Sounds like a potential TC MMC app to me... :^).

http://www.pikpower.com/new site/evoxrifa_b/evoxrifa_crossref.html

The specs for the PHE450 series can be found here:


Good luck,

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Bob Deuel wrote:
I picked up some 100n (0.1uf) @ 1000v and 33n (0.033uf) @ 1500v
"RIFA 431" series capacitors at a swap meet that I would like to use
for a MMC. I assume that they are film capacitors. They have light
blue 1.2"x0.9"x 0.55" rectangular plastic cases with radial leads. I
have tried to find catalog reference data for the RIFA 431 series but
I am not having any luck. I can find other series of Evox RIFA (now
Kerment) capacitors but not the "431". My main question is if anyone
knows if they are pulse rated and the type of film dielectric they
have. Also has anyone sucessfully used them in a MMC? Thanks in
advance, Bob _______________________________________________ Tesla
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