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Re: [TCML] Synchronous Motor Source

On Monday 01 March 2010 03:03:20 pm Miles Mauldin wrote:
> Yep thanks.  However, hot-streamer dot com doesn't seem to host any of the
>  text files nor pictures.  Is there a newer location?  What I see in the
>  archives is from like 2001.
> Thanks,
> Miles

Hi Miles

If you find any references to hot-streamer.com in the archives, you can replace  
"hot-streamer.com" with the URL of one of the hot-streamer mirror sites,





That should get you what you want.

If you still get a 404 error (file not found) it could be a case issue.

Hot-streamer was originally served on IIS, and the mirrors are all (I believe) 
on apache, so if a file is linked to like http://something/something/file.JPG 
and the file is really file.jpg you get a 404 instead of the file. Changing jpg 
to JPG fixes the problem.

Hope this helps

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