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Re: [TCML] Double nested primaries / using one NST as two xfrmers?

No. The NST voltages will be 180 degree opposite-phased at the 60Hz
frequency, but the tank circuits will not ring at the same RF resonant
frequency, so the primary currents cannot be in phase.  You would
probably get some sparks from the secondary, but performance is likely
to be poor.

If you really want to use that style of primary you can connect the
two strands at each end, so that they're in parallel, and use that in
a single tank circuit.

It's still kind of a crappy primary design though, because 16 gauge is
not very heavy (and the effective copper cross-section is even smaller
with skin effect), it will look ugly, and it will be hard to tap for
tuning.  Better to stick with the standard copper tubing.  If you use
the zip tie method it is easy to build and looks pretty good.


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 9:05 AM, Brian Hall <brianh4242@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had an idea on using a 'pancake' coil as a primary, but made of heavy gague speaker wire (16 or so) wound flat, but with room in the center for the secondary with enough of a space between them for good coupling.  The two wires would remain parallell and horizontally next to eachother all along the flat spiral.
> Then each of the two wires would be treated as its own primary.  My question is that could I use each half of my 15/30 NST as its own 7500/15 xfrmr, each operating its own cap/spark gap circuit, and then use that to feed each of the two separate parallell primaries?  And since NST's are phased, or so I have heard, each primary would fire one after the other at 30 hz each? or 60 hz each? for each side of the primary?
> And of course, would this sort of setup likely give better performance and bigger sparks with two primaries giving resonant rise up to the secondary at twice the normal rate (if that is what would happen?)
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