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RE: [TCML] Is tuning different for SRSG than for Static Gap?

Hi Brandon,

As far as tuning the primary & secondary resonant frequencies, no,  the type of gap wouldn't matter.  Despite having all sorts of test equipment available, once I'm in the ballpark with the design, I always use trial & error to select the best primary tap point.

You should realize that when moving from a static gap to an SRSG, the primary cap value needs to be higher with the SRSG, or else you'll overvolt the cap & NST.  So with the same NST and secondary system, you'd need a larger primary cap and comparably smaller primary.  Of use the occasion to upsize your topload to compensate.

I'm glad to hear that you're using a Freau phase controller.  While technically not tuning, I find that the RSG phase is extremely critical, and I use the phase control much like a Variac - set it to an early phase, then slowly advance it until it "goes out of whack", then back off a bit.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Subject: [TCML] Is tuning different for SRSG than for Static Gap?
> Greetings all,
> I have a question regarding the tuning of a Tesla coil that uses an
> SRSG as opposed to a static gap.
> Or more specifically, Is the tuning of an SRSG coil going to differ
> from that of a static gap? Why is it different?
> and What are some of the best methods to employ?
> I have recently fitted my static gap coil with a synchronous rotary
> gap, along with Freaus phase controller,
> and I am using the old static electrodes as a safety gap parallel to
> the new SRSG.
> I have successfully tuned the device in the past (as a static gap
> coil) using various methods including the Fritzs Tesla Coil Tuner (TCT
> on RMCybernetics website)
> as well as by scope and signal generator.
> I have not been able to find specific instructions for the tuning of a
> rotary gap coil other than through a "trial and error" approach.
> My concerns regarding tuning this new configuration came about after
> re-running some numbers through Tesla-Map 5.
> It recommended increasing capacitance as well as an additional 1 - 2 turns on
> the primary than if using an LTR static gap.
> I have yet to take it for a test run as I am still tidying up other
> odds and ends on the device but I would like to have an
> understanding of why it would be tuned differently before
> I power the system up and start making adjustments.
> Forgive me if this has been brought up before but I was unable to find
> mention of this specific subject on the Pupman site.
> Or is it possible that I will just come to find that the tuning will
> be the same and TM5
> is just makin' stuff up?
> Any input is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
>  - Brandon
> Succasunna, NJ

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