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[TCML] Eastern Voltage Research - Student Sponsorship Program

With the relaunch of our company which is ultimately positioned into the educational / science fair kits industry, we are pleased to announce a new program for middle/high school and college students.

The Student Sponsorship Program allows us to give back to the Tesla community by providing free parts for your next high voltage or electronics science project. If you need some hard to find parts, discretes, semiconductors, ICs, wire, etc... for your next science project, we will do our best to match up parts to your request. The only exception is due to high cost of power semiconductors, we cannot offer high power MOSFETs, IGBTs, or magnet wire.

- Active Middle School/High School / College Students
- You will be responsible only for shipping costs (flat rate box or 1st class envelope)

Just keep in mind, we don't have super specialized parts, but if you need general discretes such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, semiconductors, connectors, hv wire, hv parts, hv stand-offs, transformers, etc..., just drop us a line.

Daniel McCauley
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