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[TCML] MMC caps for sale- CHEAP

Hello all,
My coil has not been fired up for over 2 years now, and funds are in need so
I'm going to part out my MMC.  I have 48 pcs. of the CDE-940C, whatever the
standard 0.15uF, 2000kVDC caps are.  They are currently in 3 strings of 16
caps, but I can desolder them if need be.  They have less than half an hour
of run time on them.  I'll try and sell them all at once, but let me know if
you need less.

48 caps for $80 shipped.  That's $1.67 per cap.  One caveat: the leads are
less than 1/2 an inch on each capacitor.

reply off list please as this is not my paypal email.

Thank you,
Drake Schutt
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