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Re: OT: FYI - URLs with spaces ( [TCML] sucker gap material )

FYI in regards to URL's
spaces in the URL can be replaced with "%20"

making the link below


Regards, Paul

Thank you Bert,

I wasn't suggesting that _machining_ SS was hazardous and a source of toxins, just more difficult that brass.  That welding SS is a recognized hazard is good to know, even if some deny it.   Maybe a difference between melting it with a flame and vaporizing/ablating it with plasma?

For those interested, the safety URL you provided contains spaces, and the spaces are a necessary part of the URL.  So you can't just click on the link, as the spaces won't be picked up; one needs to copy and paste the whole thing into your browser:
"http://www.weldreality.com/Safety stainless issues.htm"  Never knew you can have embedded spaces!

Regards, Gary

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