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[TCML] Reactance vs. matching frequencies

ok, I have done my calculations and have it where the frequency of L1C1 matches the frequency of L2C2 (240Khz, within 1 or 2 hz from each other)


but the capacitave reactance of my primary mmc does not match the inductive reactance of my primary coil ... 


is having matching frequencies in the secondary and primary more important?  or is the indictive and capacitive reactance in each LC, the numbers matching in each instance, more important?


basically, can I have matching frequencies but mismatching reactance, and have it still make any sparks?   i am holding off on full assembly of it till i know it is likely to work.



Fun fact: if you can't quite make out the markings on an old vaccum tube. melt up a few white candles to a clear consistency, then with pliers on the leads, dip the tube into the wax for a few seconds. then when the wax cools there is just enough material to block the glare and when i tried it the markings were clear as day. (i used 25 of those white tea light candles, just the wax from them, from CVS, in a pyrex bowl in the microwave for 10 mins)

Brian Hall 

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