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[TCML] Re: Tesladownunder on USA Discovery "Is it possible" March 24 (fwd)

This is tonight.  It accidentally ended up in autodiscards and languished
there.  Sorry for the late notice.


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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 02:16:52 +1030
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Subject: [TCML] Re: Tesladownunder on USA Discovery "Is it possible" March 24

I am told by the producer that my segment filmed for US Discovery Channel will be shown on US TV in a slot just before the Mythbusters season premiere. It is a 3 part pilot called "Is it possible". I gather I have two segments of 3.5 mins each in the 1 hour program although not sure if is in the first segment as it was originally planned for the 3rd. 
Anyway, it will feature my usual Tesla coil stuff and I also do the pool segment with sparks onto my head. The other part will be exploding watermelons with 10kJ.
Details of the program are here and of the shoot at my place are here.
It was a long 13 hour single day shoot that finished at 2am. My good wife who normally becomes stern if I make noise after 9pm was even more stern by then. She went over the next morning to give placatory chocolates to the neighbors who explained that they were out of town and heard nothing. 

Peter    www.tesladownunder.com
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