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Re: [TCML] Transformer Question


These are NOT distribution transformers. Instead, they look to be a type of high voltage circuit breaker, called a recloser. A recloser will temporarily open a utility power distribution circuit for a short time (seconds), and then automatically re-closes the circuit. If the fault is still present, it will trip out again. Reclosers do this sequence two times, and if the fault is seen on the third try it will "lock out", opening the circuit, Once locked out, it the fault must be cleared and the recloser reset manually by a lineman. Reclosers help to reduce nuisance outages due to transient flashovers from lightning strikes or other temporary faults. Specs for these reclosers can be found here:


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Miles Mauldin wrote:
Hi All,

Just been looking around at different types of transformers and came
across what appears to be a really good deal, but then again not have
any experience with these I thought I'd ask the experts.  BTW, if
this is a really good deal, anyone in the Atlanta, GA area want to
split the deal with me?

Cooper KYLE, Transformer Company,, Recloser Type V4L, 15.5 KVA,  NON
PCB, 200 amp, Min Trip 400Amps, MAx Trip 6000 Amps,  Have 2 new
transformers, never used, Retails for $975.00 each. sale for $400.00
for 2 . Shipping cost, $185.00, us lower 48 states. 205Lbs each

Thanks much everyone! Miles
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