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Re: [TCML] Transformer Question

Hi Miles,

I don't see any reference to the voltage ratings of these
"transformers"? The term "recloser" inclines me to think
that these are automatic recloser switches (the power
company's version of a circuit breaker), but NOT trans-
formers. I assume you are looking for a pole transformer
and the recloser switches do externally resemble a pole
transformer, due to the twin "rabbit ear" bushing stand-
offs protruding from the top of a cylindercal metal tank.
Would be a "great deal" if you were in the market for
a couple of reclosers, not such a great deal if you are
expecting a pole pig. :^0

David Rieben

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Hi All,

Just been looking around at different types of transformers and came across what appears to be a really good deal, but then again not have any experience with these I thought I'd ask the experts. BTW, if this is a really good deal, anyone in the Atlanta, GA area want to split the deal with me?

Cooper KYLE, Transformer Company,, Recloser Type V4L, 15.5 KVA, NON PCB, 200 amp, Min Trip 400Amps, MAx Trip 6000 Amps, Have 2 new transformers, never used, Retails for $975.00 each. sale for $400.00 for 2 . Shipping cost, $185.00, us lower 48 states. 205Lbs each

Thanks much everyone!
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