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Re: [TCML] Why 1000 Turns?

Ahhem, Don't think you're gonna need over a 
mile of wire to wrap 1000 turns around a 4" 
pipe, at least not according to the math 
that I was taught. ;^) The product comes out 
to 1,047.2 FEET, which I'm assuming is where 
the 1.05 figure came from. 

David Rieben 

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HI Tom, 

(1000 turns on a 4-inch form requires about 1.05 miles of wire :-o) Successful coils have been built outside these parameters, but the logistical, mechanical and financial problems rarely justify the results. 

Hope this helps to shed some light. 

Matt D 

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Subject: [TCML] Why 1000 Turns? 

Hi Everyone, 
I was just wondering how the 1000 turn rule of thumb was developed. Is this a 
urely "practical" consideration - i.e. larger number of turns results in corona 
ischarge and insulation failure at the top of the secondary or is there a 
heoretical reason behind it? Or something else entirely? 

Tom Schmit 
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