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Hey all coilers, I have been recently building a large size DRSSTC which operates on a CM300, dual halfbridge model IGBT. In the past, this coil would just make small sparks, and once i hit 60VAC, it went from 1mm spark to 7" power hungry sparks.  I figured that was because it was out of tune.  So, after adding more primary turns, I now have the range of Over and under tuning to match the resonance frequency.

But, for a CM300 IGBT driven coil, whats the best way to figure out what RF cycle count to use?  Im afraid doing too much could risk the system, but when googling, I see some do 3-4. some 10, some even as high as 20.  Is there any way to actually KNOW the best range for your coil?  Right now my system is still doing tiny sparks until i reach X voltage.  I have not yet cranked that dial, as I figured a DRSSTC should gradually grow length as you crank it, like a SSTC, shouldn't it?  Or do all DRSSTCs go from tiny to giant sparks?  Right now I have a duty cycle control on the interrupter, and a 15-turn pot on the driver, to limit the duty so I can get exact amount of cycles.

Please let me know your thoughts, Thanks!
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