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Re: [TCML] Attaching the secondary wire to the topload

It's important to make sure that you have the topload spaced above the last turn on the secondary by a distance about equal to the radius of the coil. Otherwise it will form a shorted turn and wipe out the inductance of the top of the secondary and eat up some power. Then you can just dress the wire toward the center of the coil and up to the center of the topload to keep it in a relatively E-field-free region. Use a larger stranded wire for this so it will stand handling and accidents.


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On 11/7/12 3:27 PM, Brian Hall wrote:>
What methods have you found work best for attaching that top bit of
wire from the secondary to whatever topload you happen to have?
Torodial, spherical, couple of tin cans welded or aluminum taped
together to make a cylinder etc...
I refer to the actual treatment of the end of the wire, and where on
the topload the connection should be made - and how much of the length
down the wire do you sand or strip the enamel insulation off, do you
remove insulation from just the side that will be touching the secondary
or from the whole circumference of the wire, how do you know if you have
enough insulation removed so it's down to the copper, what adhesives
work best to secure the connection etc.  Differences between a
connection where the topload will be removable or where the topload is
permanent, all that sort of thing.  This subject is one of the arts of
this craft I have yet to master and I know can be likely to improve

I take all the insulation off by burning or sanding for a length of a
couple inches. Then I just use masking tape to stick it to the inside of
the toroid.  It's not like it's carrying huge kiloamp currents after all.

I used to wrap the wire around the mounting bolt for the toroid, but i
forgot to do that once, and it worked pretty much the same, so after
that, I became a fan of the "temporary adhesive mounting bracket"

A nicer approach I've seen is to anchor it to a lug on the bolt holding
the topload.
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