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Re: [TCML] Optimum tuning for max em of coil

On 11/7/12 12:04 PM, Sietze van de Burgt wrote:
I have read heard that there are two ways of tuning a coil,
one for maximum sparks and one for maximum em field.

I am interested in the maximum em field,
has anyone got some good links that describe
how to do this ?

I tried to search using google but didn't
find any worth reading (any tips on this ?)
what to search for exactly...

I'm going to guess that for maximum EM field, you tune for resonance (max voltage on both). For max sparks, you tune so that the primary resonant frequency is slightly low (relative to the resonant frequency of the secondary), so that when the sparks start to form (increasing the C of the secondary top load, and pulling it's resonance down in freq) it's more closely matched to the primary.

Antonio has some good analytical models of various coupled resonators, so you could probably take one of those and given fixed Cpri and Lsec and C sec, adjust Lpri to maximize Vsec.

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