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Re: [TCML] Introduction to the Tesla Coils mailing list

On 11/10/12 9:52 AM, Holbok István wrote:
Hello Everybody,

I am Istvan (Steven) Holbok and I am originally an electrical engineer
from Hungary, speaking English and Russian.
I have long been familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla, but so far I
have never built Tesla coil. Now I decided to do it.

An excellent idea..

I signed up to the list to come into contact with those who have already
gained enough experience in the practical application of Tesla's work.

well, you're in a good place to ask..

How big a coil do you want to build? You can go all the way from something powered by a oil burner ignition transformer or automobile ignition coil up to tens of kW.

And there's architectures ranging from simple static spark gaps, to rotary gaps, to solid state and vacuum tube coils of one sort or another.

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