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Re: [TCML] tesla coil

Alton -
Congratulations on a  very nicely constructed coil.
One question: have you confirmed that the "phasing" of your parallel-connected NSTs is correct?

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    Here is the link to my TC.


    I am new to Tesla Coiling but not to high voltage. I have just done my first TC, hope to fire it
off in a week or so. What I would like to do is talk to someone on the phone for 10-15 min.
to get some answer to a few questions. I know (email) but since I had my wreck and multiple
operation and nerve damage typing kills me. I am attaching the specs. of my TC and pictures
all of you may see something I miss. I hope someone will send me a phone so I could call
them, (not pester them to death)

Alton Smith     985-839-4564

There are two new Franceformer NST, each 12kV and 60 ma. There are 64 each, 0.15 mf 2000 vdc, capacitors that are mounted on 2 Lucite boards, with bleeder resister across each one. They are connected in
series/parallel for a total capacitance of 37.5 mf. Terry design filter with Tungsten safety gaps. There is also a line filter. The spark gap is the Rickard Quick design with a fan. The primary coil is made with 1/4' copper tube, spaced at 1/4" and uses Lucite as the coil form. The secondary coil is 6in. wound on light gage PVC pipe, it's winding is 1,645 turns of 26 gage magnet wire, using 2,691' of wire and has been coated with epoxy. Tesla Map software to design the TC and based on the calculations it should produce 65" sparks with 20 in. toroid.  MY made toroid is 18in.

Alton Smith

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