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Re: [TCML] Science Fair Project

On 11/16/12 11:44 AM, w5als wrote:

hi Jonah
       Show them how energy can be transfer wireless by using a second
secondary coil a few feet
away hook to only ground.

Yes, but you'd need to have theory to show how much energy you expect to transfer, and then measure it and see if measurements are close to theory.

That's actually fairly tough to do (the theory isn't simple for near field).

You could probably hand-wave a bit on the theory, and do something like have your two coils at varying distances. Drive the "transmitter" with a signal generator at low power and measure the coupled power at the "receiver" as a function of distance.

Then jack up the power on the transmitter and see if the results match.

The hypothesis would be that as long as there isn't breakout and sparks, the low power and high power should be the same (because the field configurations are the same), but if you get to where there are sparks forming, the field is different, so the energy transfer might be less.

But it has to be quantitative.. you need to have some sort of meter on the "receiver" that measures something meaningful.

(And for gosh sakes, don't measure just current or voltage and call it "power"... I can't tell you how many projects got eliminated because an otherwise decent experiment in, say, solar cell output or hydroelectric generator output vs some variable measured open circuit voltage and called that "power". )

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