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Re: [TCML] Re: Tesla Digest, Vol 61, Issue 12

Hi Nathan

Unfortunately, you are the proud owner of a old oil-kraft-paper dielectric Power Factor Correction (PFC) capacitor that is impregnated with PCB's. Pyranols are GE's trade name for a variety of PCB's. As you are probably aware, PCB's haven't been used in capacitors since the early 1980's. Most liquid-impregnated capacitors made between 1930 - 1977 contained PCB's. Large PCB-filled capacitors should be avoided, since once you buy it, you are now responsible for its environmentally-safe disposal as well.

PFC caps are rated in KVAR at a given voltage and line frequency. You can convert KVAR ratings to capacitance:

C = 1000*KVAR/(2*Pi*F*V^2) = 11.5 uF

If yours wasn't a lossy PCB-filled paper-dielectric cap, it might be worth disassembling it and rewiring the capacitor rolls so that they were connected in series. Once apart, you can also disconnect the internal bleeder resistors. By choosing the right PFC cap, it is possible to create a HV pulse capacitor that has a more useful voltage and capacitance rating for Tesla coiling. This has in fact been done in the past by some coilers, starting with newer polypropylene-foil PFC caps. However, it is a VERY messy job, and is really not worth the effort unless you're desperate. MMC's are much easier, are self-healing, and your capacitor bank is also easily repairable.

Sorry and best wishes,

Bert Hickman
Stoneridge Engineering
World's source for "Captured Lightning" Lichtenberg Figure sculptures,
magnetically "shrunken" coins, and scarce/out of print technical books

Nathan Woodhull wrote:
I recently aquired a very large capacitor and wondered if it would
have any use in a Tesla Coil.General Electric Pyranol
Capacitor,#H147952,KVAR 25,Cat.#13F138,2400V60cy.,Ph1.No Farad rating
is listed.Thanks,Nathan Woodhull

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