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[TCML] Big SGTC Xanthippe

Hi all,

They yet exist: SGTC's throwing nice sparks, i.e. David Rieben's "Green Monster" or my friend Fritz Egli's "Xanthippe". On November 4, 2012 some test runs of Xanthippe were performed in Fritz' motorbike show-hall. Some movies were taken by Andi Saile, and combined by Kurt to a video, which now is uploaded to YouTube. See:

...the first video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H14syCW8s6M&feature=plcp   ~4Min

We feel, the coil to be well tuned nowadays, and operating close to the components limits, running smoothly. A longer debottlenecking and enhancing process, realized by Fritz and Andi, preceded the result. Part of the coil data:

Wallplug VA: ~12 kVA
HV Xfrmer: 2 PT's VKe30 / 16 kVac
Rotary: SRSG at 200 BPS
Cap: Maxwell's 120 nF / 70 kV
Toroid diameters: 126.5cm x 32.5cm (50" x 12.8")
Overall height of TC: 224cm (88")

Sparklength could not be measured reliably, 'cause the walls of the hall were too close, but guess is > 4m (~13'). I can send complete data, in form of a JAVATC output, if desired.

Enjoy the video!

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