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Re: [TCML] Advice for my first SGTC

Scott, that's a great video! Can't access your site, though:
I'll probably drop the doubler.
How do you calculate the optimal capacitance for dual mots? Tesla map gives
me 315.8nF which is definitely not gonna happen :(
Also how do you keep the MOTs from frying without a ballast? Mine gets
*very* hot if I draw arcs for about 20s.
TBH I don't think the doubler will cost that much - after all it's just 4
microwave caps, 2 ceramic caps, a lot of cheap diodes and two high power
On the other hand I could probably design the MMC for 8kV without the
doubler, right? that's 4 times less caps for the same Farads!

Jon, thanks for finding that. Better not risk getting the Russian caps.

Matt, unfortunately almost all beer brands here use brown bottles. I might
see if I can find wine bottles but most of those seem to be dark green and
I definitely won't be able to get many with the same bottle type.

OK guys, if I decide to go with the 942C MMC what are the odds that they'll
blow up? I really don't wanna spend 200 dollars on this just to blow it up
on the first light.
Thanks for all the tips!

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> Hi Mark,
> Thanks and congratualations on your great coil!
> I haven't seem many dual MOTs without some sort of multiplier circuit but
> if they do work as well as yours then I might dump the multiplier. What
> kind of filter do you use?
> I've bought a cheap LC meter from Ebay to help me measure the bottle caps.
> Is there any specific kind of bottle I should avoid?
> I might consider switching to 942C's later but I'd really like to make sure
> it works and won't blow 200 bucks worth of caps.
> Also still interested in knowing if those Russian caps will work - if they
> do I'll certainly go for them. I've never heard of
> Polyethyleneterephthalate foil caps before.
> Cheers
> Hi Atomic,
> Yes, bottles with air bubbles in the glass will fail very quickly. Some
> people have reported better luck with clear glass bottles than with colored
> glass. This may depend on what the coloring agent is, or it may be just
> that it's easier to see bubbles in clear glass and avoid the bad ones to
> start with. Tesla himself used clear wine bottles. Some people swear by
> Corona brand beer bottles, claiming that a more uniform quality glass
> bottle is made in Mexico, but it may be just the name that gets them.
> Matt D.
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