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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil - Phasing of Transformers

Phasing of transformers, 

What happens when transformers are parallel connecting while out of phase. 
a) your not getting any form of output (as two opposing phases will cancel each other out, leading to a 0V output) 
b) The current will travel between phases (as each connected terminal is providing the opposite voltage, hence why the above is a zero volt output) 

Tesla coil Symptoms 
1) you turn it on and nothing happens, no output sparks, no gap sounds, high current draw, and just the humming of the transformers is heard 
2) you try to arc between your transformer outputs and pretty much nothing happens 

An easy way to test for proper phasing. 
1) Disconnect the transformers from the tesla coil 
2) Leave one side of the transformers connected together 
3) Make the other side a small gap, perhaps half an inch or something. 

What you are looking for 
-If they are out of phase you will see big fiery arcs at the gap 
(as the voltages is 180 deg out of phase, if it were a DC source this would be like connecting + and -, or - and + ) 

-If the arcs are, completely absent, very small, not fiery , blueish they are in phase 
(as the voltages are 0 deg out of phase, if it were a DC source this is like Connecting + and +, or - and -) 

Fixing out of phase transformers 
Just switch two of the input voltage wires for one transformer around and retest. 
The difference in the arcs between out of phase and in phase will be very obvious. 

I wrote this up for the archives so people have a good comprehensive phasing post to read. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 
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