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Re: [TCML] caps


Thanks for the details on the dielectric fluid.

Another thing to add to the information store!


On 11/24/2012 11:29 PM, Bert Hickman wrote:
Dave and Randy,

The 1945 article covers many advantages of Lectronol in high frequency induction heating capacitors, but unfortunately it does not provide any details about WHAT Lectronol actually is. However, I was able to find another paper that does discuss Lectronol. The good news is that Lectronol is NOT one of the many PCB's used in capacitors. Instead, it is a colorless liquid "obtained from dibutyl ether and sebacic acid [C8H16 (COOC4H9)2].

The above nugget was found in a 323pp paper that discusses Lectronol and many other dielectric fluids as well. The paper is "Electric Strength of Liquid Dielectrics" by I Balygin. This is available as a free download at the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC):

Other than being comparatively large for their voltage and capacitance ratings versus capacitors using more modern technologies, your caps should work fine in TC use. And, because the fluid is essentially THE dielectric, they may also be self-healing to some degree.


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