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Re: [TCML] dc tesla coil

Hi Jay, All,

In the early days of radio, amateur and professional, mf or (mfd) meant the same thing as uf does today, microfarad. Mmfd meant the same as pf does now.   This is because the early experimenters and operators were mostly not college educated people and did not use the Greek alphabet. However,  mHy meant millihenry as it does today because millihenries and microfarads were the size units most commonly used in communications which were almost exclusively below ~10MHz. They saw no ambiguity in this. When the military was trying to convert farm boys into radio operators in 90 days or less( ca 1941-1945), they decided to keep the notation as simple as possible. and go with the established convention. It wasn't until high speed solid state ICs in computer and communication equipment became commonplace in the 1970s that the terms like giga, tera, nano & pico and their abbreviations started to enter mainstream English.


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Yea the 70mf ones might be a little excessive, but remember the impulse will be 
limited by the inductors (slightly), but at the same time you will most 
certainly want something much much smaller, less the inductor be vaporized . 
Looking at mine, its .166uf for some odd reason I thought it was .166 mf, but 
Contact me off list and I will send you an excel doc that should help you out. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

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