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[TCML] OLTC theory

couple of questions for the solid state guru's...

OLTC's have a VERY high capacity in the tank circuit in order to get
enough pulsed energy into the secondary per burst.
As a result, the primary has a very SMALL inductance...one turn most the

I have read that coils like this have a VERY sharp tuning point.
Would it be fair to say that the sharpness of tune would be a result of
the high capacity to inductance ratio in the tank.

The other question I have relates to IGBT's.

I have 2 very large bricks rated 6000v 200A cont, or 400A pulsed.
I would like to use them in a big OLTC set up, but the ones I have are the
slightly older models and are only rated to 5khz as a switching speed.
What I am wondering is how they might fare in an OLTC set up, where they
are being switched at low pulse rates, but the oscillations across the igbt
will be much higher than its rating...?
Would I just de-rate the current rating or are they likely to fail


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