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Re: [TCML] Isolating Transformer

Excellent. Nice to have found a use for it finally, assuming it works...
haven't tried it yet!

What's the primary reason for using them, generally? Safety? Or
RFI/surge suppression? Or both...

On that note, how effective are they at suppressing surges, transients
etc.? I don't quite understand how voltage surges would be dampened inside
the isolation transformer. What's actually limiting the output voltage?

On 12 April 2013 17:50, dave pierson <dave_p@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Brian, what do you do with the output earthing? Do you use MOV's or
> > other filters?
> > I have a 1kW isolating transformer. The only time I have used it live
> > was for a briefcase coil (1/2 low power NST for 3 inch sparks).
> > Interfered with the PA some distance away big time. I used a
> > counterpoise plus mains earth.
>     Was the interference present with the isolation transformer?
>     Isolation transformers come in (at least) two types.
>     The usual/simple type is just a one/one transformer,
>     two coils and core.  This provides isolation for DC
>     and LF AC, however stray capacity between windings/core
>     can couple RF.
>     A more elaborate type includes a 'screen' (internal
>     Faraday Cage), which reduces the RF coupling.  Sometimes,
>     if i recall, referred to as an 'instrumentation
>     transformer'?
>      best
>       dwp
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