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Re: [TCML] Tesla coils on Toyota Avalon commercial

> >> Just wondering if anyone else had noticed the new Toyota Avalon
> >> commercial that depicts the effect of twin Tesla coil looking
> >> devices "creating" the advertised automobile with their
>>> electrical spark discharges?

> >   Thusly?

> There's certainly some element of CGI in there. They'd NEVER let
> sparks touch the "hero car".  But it's entirely possible they had
> a stand in car in place (painted green) and shot that as one piece,
> then substituted in the shot of the hero car.

     There is precedent.  We've all seen the pic of Tesla
     reading in a chair, surrounded by discharge of his
     Colorado Springs coil.  When originally published,
     his friends back east were worried, wrote him to stop
     taking chances.  He wrote back (roughly):

        Not to worry.  First I photographed some discharges,
        by their own light, then myself, seated, illuminated
        by photographic flash powder only... 

     (The letter was included in one of the published
      editions of Colorado Springs Notes...)

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