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Re: [TCML] GE Transformer

Thats the same one I have I believe. 
Rated 14.4Kv 1.5Kva 

They are hardy little buggers, I regularly over drive mine to 3 Kva ish for short intervals. ;) 

You will need to ballast it, Easiest way to do this it is to go buy a 500' spool of #12 stranded wire. Preferably #10, but #12 is cheaper, and only gets hot after a a few long runs. I have gotten my #12 spool hot enough to melt the internal column spool plastic, the wire was fine. 
Just run the entire spool, (dont take it off the spool) in series with the transformer, works like a charm to set a limit to around 30A input current. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 

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Sorry if this was posted before, but I don't think so. I keep getting dropped from list. 

I recently purchased a GE Voltage transformer, Type JVM-5, 120:1, 14,400/120V. Am I right in thinking this is substantially similar to a Potential transformer and suitable for TC use? 

The info I've found so far only indicates this Voltage Trans. is for indoor use only and very accurate in maintaining voltage. 

Any info will be appreciated. 

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