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Re: [TCML] 3 phase mot dc coil first light

Hi Greg.

This is a very odd thing to hear. The secondary connection to the core is normally to a lug that is riveted to the core. I've simply cut the wire where it enters that lug taken off a few mm of the insulation and soldered this to a tag strip lug from a using another point on the tag strip to act a s a soldering point to the now unused riveted lug on the secondary to provide stability

Are you saying the secondary wire will not solder because it has been in oil ??. IOf so alcohol; cleaning and a scrapping of the insulation should work.

Ted in NZ

Thanks for the tips everyone.

Unfortunately my first attempt to de tap my MOTs was a disaster and only resulted in me fatiguing the lead til it snapped. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the solder to stick. I think bigger, higher quality MOTs with thicker windings might help, as would doing it before they were covered in oil (of course). I'm currently assessing how I want to go forward on this. Not really sure if I want to go through that again!

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