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[TCML] Spheres and Torroids

>Hi Fellow HV enthusiasts.
>Why do you use a toroid on top of a Tesla Coil
> and a sphere on the top of a VanDeGraf generator?

    Each can be used on eash, sometimes it seems
    to be practicality issues.  Its easier to
    have a roller and combs inside a sphere than
    'in' a toroid. 

>Being as we are dealing with high voltage, 
>low current applications and knowing how these voltages
> travel on the outside of the conductor,
    All voltages (charges....) travel on the outside.

>it would seem likely that the two could be used interchangeably.
    And they are, tho some are more commonly used each way.

   And perhaps some other comments on the Tesla coil
   specifics might be had...

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