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[TCML] Counterpoise

Question about a counterpoise, 

Does one want to ground it to the greenwire ground or not? 
found an article on earthlink ( http://home.earthlink.net/~jimlux/hv/tcground.htm ) which says yes connect a counterpoise to safety ground and then in the next section says but don't let any rf travel through safety ground, which at least seems partially contradictory to me. 
Would someone care to clarify this for me? 

Is it the case that the counterpoise actually absorbs the rf energy (absorbs in a sense that its no longer traveling to the ground), and the ground just serves as to hold the counterpoise at ground level, as well as existing for purely safety purposes? 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 

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