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Re: [TCML] Announcing: New tcml web site

On 12/9/2013 11:05 PM, Chip Atkinson wrote:
Greetings everyone,

I have the new web site close enough to being complete that I decided to switch over to it.

You may notice that there are links with .php files in them. This is a result of switching to the new server with modern(ish) software on it.

I'm also hoping to get some image gallery software installed so I can host pictures of list members and update them on a timely basis.

The old pages are still there too, so you can go to http://www.pupman.com/index.html.

I know there are some inconsistencies and sort of navigational dead-ends. If you find them, let me know and I'll do what I can to fix them.

I think it would be nice to have some tesla coil themed image across the top. It would have to be wide and short. The winner would get to have his or her image displayed with all TCML web hits and a free, yes, free 3 year subscription to TCML. :-)

Thanks everyone for making this list what it is.
Excellent Chip! Thank you.

I think the thanks should go to you though for supporting the list all these years. We all really appreciate your dedication. Three cheers for Chip everyone.

As always, you have my info if you ever need any more network help.

Andrew Robinson
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