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Re: [TCML] Announcing: New tcml web site


Yes, it's the black-on-grey that I have trouble with; and with any combination in fact, that doesn't offer the best contrast, e.g. black-on-white. Old eyes, you know...

Also, I note, under Firefox/Win XP with the NoScript add-on/plug-in in effect, that Firefox prevents pupman.com from automatically reloading. Normally I just click on the Allow button associated with that and it reloads. And why it should need to reload, I don't know--but Firefox won't let it for whatever reason.

As to a banner, one often sees a strip of images with arrows at each end for "sliding" them along. Could be a way to do it.

Will you have a risk in accepting images/videos for posting that might incorporate malware? If so, maybe just requiring upload to a site such as Dropbox, that you would establish just for the purpose, might solve that. Would eliminate the possibility of a hack into your Website--at least, via that method.

Ken Herrick
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