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Re: [TCML] Is there an ideal frequency you should build around?

On 12/14/13 4:55 AM, shane bounds wrote:
Hi, I'm building my first Tesla coil and was wondering if there is a
certain frequency you should try to reach with respect to the power of your

Not really.

The frequency of the coil is fairly unimportant as long as it's not too high or low (for a small coil, 200-400 kHz is typical). It's more determined by the physical dimensions of the secondary winding.

What you want to do is size the coil to the size of the power supply: too big a coil driven by a small transformer is tough to get to work.

A couple rules of thumb to get you started:
(and run a tesla coil simulation/design program like JavaTC)

the longest sparks you're likely to get is 1.7*sqrt(power in watts) (in inches). As a practical matter, a 12kV 30mA transformer is 360 W will give you sparks about 2 feet long.

You want the overall diameter of the toroidal electrode (top load) to be at least 1/2 the height of the secondary coil, and more like equal. (at least for small coils). So if your secondary is 2 feet long, a toroid 2 feet in diameter would work. 1 foot will also work, but will be a bit small.

The height of the secondary winding (not necessarily the tube it's wound on) should be 4-5 times the diameter of the winding. This is shorter and more squat than a lot of pictures you'll see. A 4 inch diameter coil would then have windings that are 18 inches long, on a form that's a few inches longer (to give you some room to mount it.

Figure on winding about 600-800 turns of wire on the secondary.

I found one formula, but I'm not sure about it,kHz= 3032.5xw^
-2767 - 96.4, not sure what the ^ is or if the formulas accurate. I've got
a 12kv 30 mA nst giving me 360 watts. I'm building it on paper first and
trying to get a good understanding of it and at the moment my secondary
will have a frequency of 322.6 kHz
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