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[TCML] The Geek Group - A place for amatour scientists (especially coilers!)

Greetings all :)

It occurs to me that there are a lot of you out here who may not be aware of
The Geek Group.

You should see this.

The Geek Group is, well....it's Geek Heaven. It's a place where all of you
here can have your ultimate dream workshop. We have members worldwide (over
120 countries), a massive online presence, and a giant headquarters in Grand
Rapids, Michigan where every one of you reading this can come to learn,
explore, and build anything you can imagine.

This includes a massive High Voltage lab with such things as...

A large scale (200kVA max power) bipolar Tesla coil.
http://youtu.be/oDkNHubCSRc those are 20+ foot arcs, courtesy of my personal
blog from a couple days ago.

Our giant electrolytic impulse generator.

Even our BIG impulse generator, Project Stomper.


We also make some videos, once in a while...

We've been at this for a while. The Group started in 1994, and it wasn't too
long after that when I joined the TCML. We have several members here on
Pupman, but we've been quiet for the past few years while building our new

I figure it's about time we stick our head out and invite the world to come
and play.

Come check it out, our HV lab is functionally a real-world version of the
TCML, and everyone with a sincere and passionate desire to learn is invited.

Thank you :)

Christopher Boden
President, C.E.O.
The Geek Group
We Build Awesome!

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