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[TCML] Tesla Coil?

> Hello,
>    My name is Will, I am 14 and have a fair bit of experience with tesla coils for my age (I have built several smaller coils with current limited Neon sigh transformers with no GFCI's on them).
>    My science teacher wanted me to construct a rather large SGTC for him. So far I have constructed a basic coil (the capacitors are in parallel with the spark gap, and the spark gap is in series with the secondary and the transformer.) It has ~3500 turns of 28 gauge magnet wire on 6 inch white PVC for the secondary. The torroid is comprised of a metal dryer duct pipe curled into a circle and measures about 18 inches in diameter.
>    The primary has 8 turns of copper tubing. The coil is powered by a 2100v Microwave oven transformer. The capacitor bank has a total capacitance of 1uF at 2100v.
>    Please note that the transformer is not ballasted, instead I simply ran it through a 15A breaker switch. I know that this is not exactly the same as a ballast but it keeps the coil from tripping other circuits in my house.
>    The secondary is not varnished (I am not sure if this effects overall performance of the coil, but thought I would mention it anyway.)
>    I have not tuned or measured either of the coils frequencies, but would like to. Guidance on this would be appreciated. The coil throws out ~12 inch arks at the moment, and generally there are no problems with the coil. I would like to tweak it's performance as much as I can. Suggestions for improvements would be appreciated .
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