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Re: [TCML] just a thought

On 12/27/13 9:48 AM, Reverend Fuzzy wrote:

As I was waiting for the end of this morning's, eh, constitutional, I was
thinking... I have a bunch of old CD's laying around... if I were to sand
the silver coating off, and glue 3 or 4 of them together, (properly centered
of course), would it be suitable as the rotor in a rotary spark gap for a
low-power SG coil ???

Don't see why not. They're polycarbonate, so it's mostly a matter of finding the right adhesive. One might also do something like get some fiberglass cloth to sandwich in there.

Is a 4" disc big enough?

And all the usual "plastic disc" issues: softening when electrodes get hot.

The other thing you might be able to do with CDs is use them as a form for a toroid.If you could find something that would serve as "just the right size" spacer between them and can curve them into the right shape, you'd have something lightweight that could serve as structure under a conductive surface.

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