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Hi all,

Just letting all you know I uploaded a new version (13.1) of Javatc today...

Back in February this year, Oracle (Java) implemented a lot of annoying security features that made running Javatc a PITA...

The problem was Java Applets used for drawing the coil on the canvas. To remedy the problem, I am now drawing the coil with JavaScript. Applets will no longer be loaded... You may need a browser with HTML5 implementation, but most modern browsers will have that capability.

There may be an issue with scaling the drawing or the drawing moving off the canvas somewhere else. I'll deal with those issues as they occur. I have tested Javatc in Firefox, Chrome, and even on my tablet, but I have no idea how Safari, IE, or other browsers will look or work.

Anyway, all those java security popups should no longer occur. BTW, if your browser still see's version 13.0, refresh the cache (hold shift key down when you refresh).

Have a Sparky New Year!
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