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Re: [TCML] understanding DRSSTC

Steve Ward wrote:

Eventually, if you drive it long enough, the system will settle out to whichever pole has
higher gain (the streamers effect this too)

Would that be the pole, that is closer to the primary resonant frequency?
My simulations (ZCS on the primary) seem to indicate, that the coil starts off
at the primary frequency and then moves to the nearest pole. That would be the
lower one, if the primary is tuned lower than the secondary.

I really like Conners idea of running the coil on the upper pole, while the
primary is tuned lower than the secondary. That is possible only with
a PLL driver or perhaps with phase shifts in the primary feedback. The power transfer
between the primary and the secondary improves with less difference between
the operating frequency and the secondary resonant frequency. Running at the upper
pole puts the operating frequency much closer to the secondary resonance at rampup.

In my coil I see a high surge in the primary current until arc loading begins. Arc loading lowers
the secondary resonance frequency, which in turn decreases primary current due to the better
power transfer.
That can be avoided with a PLL circuit.


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