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Re: [TCML] Builder

Hi Chris,

it would help a lot if you would provide some additional info, like where
are you from and your experience with electronics / high voltage.

You should be aware about the dangers that come with Tesla coils, so read
the safety sheet first


2013/2/6 Christopher Craib <christophercraib@xxxxxxxxx>

> I was hoping someone could help us or at the least point us in the general
> direction.
> Background:   I work in a show that is planning a world wide tour.  The
> show
> is filled with magic illusions etc.   We want to add a different kind of
> act
> to our show, Duelling Teslas.  We need to find someone to build us the
> equipment needed.  See video below.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95tq5J6ioF0&sns=em
> The other idea we had was to build 2 chambers and have a tesla coil between
> them.
> And then have a girl disappear from one chamber and appear in the other
> chamber.
> Is anyone interested in working on this project, Even just as a consultant?
> Thank you so much for your time.
> Chris
> Christophercraib@xxxxxxxxx
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