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Re: [TCML] Builder

On 2/6/13 6:41 AM, Christopher Craib wrote:

I was hoping someone could help us or at the least point us in the general

Background:   I work in a show that is planning a world wide tour.  The show
is filled with magic illusions etc.   We want to add a different kind of act
to our show, Duelling Teslas.  We need to find someone to build us the
equipment needed.  See video below.


Aside from the general safety things, you'll need to arrange appropriate liability coverage. Most venues will require some sort of "named insured" statement from your insurance company. Some will want safety analysis/certification, and you also might need to deal with things like showing you meet RF exposure limits. As a practical matter, meeting the ANSI/IEEE standards isn't a challenge (the fields are fairly small in a "watts per square meter" kind of basis), but unlike more common hazards (juggling chain saws, eating fire, pyro) they're just not as familiar.

It's definitely worth talking to (and working with) a company that has gone through this before. They'll know the right sorts of words to say, how to describe the special effect in the right terms, etc.

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