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Re: [TCML] understanding DRSSTC


> Im not sure what exactly you mean by "standard lc oscillators"
- oscillators having only one resonant circuit.

> When operating at the upper pole the coils have current in opposing phase
> so the secondary field is cancelling the primary field which makes the
> inductance look smaller so it rings faster.  At the lower pole the coils
> are in phase so the mutual inductance adds with the primary inductance
> making it look even bigger so it rings slower.
> You can also tune the primary just above the secondary resonance and it
> will make the upper pole response bigger.
- Thank you for clarifying.
>  If the primary is tuned very low then the voltage gain of the system could continue to
> rise as the streamer grows and puts the secondary in tune.  If the impedance of the
> system is too great then you would actually observe a collapse in primary current as
> the streamer clamps the maximum voltage that the coils can ring up to. 
- Has somebody tried this?



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